About Kullu Valley School :

KVS Kullu Valley School endeavors to provide the best possible education for all students under its jurisdiction consistent with the resources available. Our School makes a determined attempt to foster a learning environment in which children will have the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be full participants of the Indian Society. Starting with 54 students in 1991, Kullu Valley School has gone head-over-heels in these 25 years. Suvidya Educational Society under ICSE Board Delhi's affiliation started the school. At present the school is educating over 1600 students. The very first class, which sat for Boards in year (2000- 2001), passed out with flying colors. The labour of the committed staff has allowed them do their best. It is our hope that the combined efforts of parents and teachers will provide motivation to the students to work with pride, to achieve with satisfaction and to behave with dignity.

chool has a high-quality optimized academic syllabus, an experienced and dedicated teaching staff specialized in their respective fields. The school in its mission statement speaks of service challenges, adventure, academic excellence, creativity and positive attitude. Within a short period of time the school has achieved many milestones in academic as well as co-curricular work. School has produced alumni who are doing extremely well in different walks of life. Our alumni are in constant touch with the school through website and other social media and continue to support the development of this exciting and effective centre of learning.

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