KVS Infrastructure :


School Building

“Bricks and mortar do not make an institution”

Still these contain the belongings that are needed to keep body and mind in the right frame.

Kullu Valley School proudly presents a campus housing three huge multi-storied buildings. Each building comprises of big, airy classrooms, separate toilets for boys and girls, labs, library, auditorium and special teacher cabins. 

The school has spacious modern infrastructure with clean and peaceful atmosphere. Every building in the campus including classrooms and teacher cabins have been wired and smart classrooms are in place to facilitate modern teaching methodologies. The school also offers two wi-fi networks to facilitate information superhighway round-the-clock. This makes an emphatic statement about the school's commitment to keep up with the technology that is changing the world. Constant improvement in infrastructure is a necessary and an ongoing process at the school.

Science Labs

At Kullu Valley School the students are encouraged to learn through experiment and research. The school has well designed and well equipped Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs which help in developing a scientific temper in the students.

The labs are equipped with latest scientific instruments and techniques which help the students in understanding the different concepts and ideas in much greater depth. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate details of each of them, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times.

Computer Labs

The school has well equipped Computer laboratories with micro machine fittings and latest subject software, as well as subject wise packages for the students according to their level and curriculum.

There are three computer labs, one each for Junior Wing, Secondary Wing and Senior Secondary Wing. Computer Science is taught as a compulsory subject from classes II to X and as an elective subject for classes XI and XII. The curriculum up to class X has been designed with an innovative approach so as to keep abreast with the latest technology, whereas the school follows the syllabi prescribed by the Himachal Pradesh Board when dealing with the students of class eleven and twelve.


The school auditorium is a hub of numerous activities. It is well equipped with modern audio-visual facilities and has a good seating arrangement.  A numerous events which include academic conferences, inter-school and intra-school competitions, plays and dances are hosted here. Children are also shown films on various intellectual and interesting subjects. Many more changes are on the anvil, which will continue to make the school auditorium the cynosure of all eyes.


The school has a huge playground where the students can shed their stress and enjoy some carefree moments. Here the morning assemblies are held and the students gather to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare before beginning the studies. Every Thursday havans are organized in the ground for the seeking divine blessings, so as to achieve success at the academic and spiritual level.  

The playground also consists of basket ball and badminton courts. Students participate in the games and do not just let off steam, but develop physical strength, coordination and balance. 


Library is the nerve centre of the school. It strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students.

The library at Kullu Valley School is well planned, designed and well stocked with thousands of academic books besides general knowledge, sports, politics, encyclopedia, biographies of the great men, thesaurus etc. This collection is continuously growing, which numerous new books being added to it each year. A good number of periodicals and newspapers are also subscribed to keep students abreast with latest happenings.

The library has good sitting arrangement for children and is well ventilated. It has an open shelf system so as to allow students free access to the books.


Details of infrastructure

i) Detail of Furniture available for students Pre-Nur. to Class 5th Pre Nur - 1 rooms
Pre Nur - 1 rooms
Nursery - 2 rooms
KG - 2 rooms
Class I - 2 rooms
Class II - 3 rooms
Class III - 3 rooms
Class IV - 3 rooms
Class V - 3 rooms
Pre Nursery - 7 Seats
Nursery - 64 Seats
KG - 89 Seats
Class I - 82 Seats
Class II - 95 Seats
Class III - 101 Seats
Class IV - 104 Seats
Class V - 102 Seats
ii) Detail of Furniture available for students 6th to 8th Class VI - 3 rooms
Class VII - 3 rooms
Class VIII - 3 rooms
Class VI - 110 Seats
Class VII - 102 Seats
Class VIII - 107 Seats
iii) Detail of Furniture available for students 9th to 10th Class IX - 3 rooms
Class X - 4 rooms
Class IX - 113 Seats
Class X - 113 Seats
iv) Detail of Furniture available for students 11th to 12th Class +1 - 3 room
Class +2 - 3 room
Class XI - 106 Seats
Class XII - 103 Seats
v) Staffroom 1+1=2 (30?20), (20?20)
vi) Examination Hall 1+1=2 (100 seats), (200 seats)
vii) Smart Class Room 5 No. (100 seats), (200 seats)
viii) Library 1  
Laboratory-1 Physics 1  
Laboratory-2 Chemistry 1  
Laboratory-3 Biology 1  
Laboratory-4 Computer 1 32 Computers
Laboratory-5 Computer 1 12 Computers
x) Details of urinals Toilets for girls 6
Toilets for boys 12
  Toilets for Male Staff 3  
  Toilets for Female Staff 3  
xi) Detail of Playground(s)
  1 3200 square feet
  2 640 square feet
xii) Sports Equipments
Badminton - 6 Kits Table Tennis - 4 Kits 2 Table Basket Ball - 6 Basket Balls
Volley Ball - 5 Balls Cricket - 5 Kits Korf Ball - 4 Balls
Carom Board - 6 Nos. Drums - 2 Sets Bagpiper Band- 1 Set
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