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Smart Classes

Maintaining pace with the changing times Kullu Valley School has become tech savvy in the methods of imparting education.  Keeping this in view smart classes were introduced on 25th April 2011 in the school and the first class was started on 11th May, 2011. At present the school has seven smart classes, which consist of five smart class rooms and two Digital Teaching Systems. These services are being provided in the school by EduComp Solutions Limited.

Our smart and interactive class rooms transform the way teachers teach and students learn in school. It’s a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative now-a-days. In modern era of E education, we have empowered our teachers with this technology right in their classrooms. A well resourced knowledge center helps teachers plan their teaching lessons in an interesting manner. This enables the teachers to use digital resources along with chalk and talk methods in their everyday teaching. This integration transforms the monotonous classroom teaching into a lively learning platform for the students. It is a completely new learning experience which helps students in improving their academic performance.


Hostel Facility

Kullu Valley School has earned repute in the state for its academic excellence, owing to which it attracts numerous outstation students who wish to be part of its community. Students come here from far off areas like Lahaul and Spiti, Paangi,  Hamirpur, Mandi  etc.

The school provides separate residential accommodation for boys and girls from Class Nursery to XII.  The boys’ hostel is located near the Gammon Bridge at Juani Ropa, which is at a distance of 1km from the school, whereas the girls’ hostel is in village Gharakar, adjoining the residence of the Principal. The school provides buses for transportation of the students from their hostel to school and back. There are approximately a hundred students in each hostel.

The students are taught to live independently under the constant supervision and monitoring of the hostel warden. The Principal maintains a regular check on the smooth functioning of the hostel. Extra care and concern of the hostel management doesn’t let the students miss their homes.

The hostel has spacious and well ventilated rooms equipped with modern amenities. A nutritious and a well-balanced diet normally comprising of fruit, milk, butter, and fresh vegetables is served to children. Provisions are also made for ailing students, under medical advice. Besides this a number of activities are carried out to take care of the overall development of the students, which include regular prayer sessions, yoga and exercise, and recreational activities like music and sports.




With numerous students pouring in, to the school daily from every nook and corner of the district the transportation department plays a very vital role. It ferries students and faculty members from different parts of the district to the school and vice-versa. For this the school maintains a fleet of buses, wingers, vans and several privately run vehicles.

We strive hard to make travelling to and from school convenient and comfortable for the students. The transport is regulated and conducted by highly experienced drivers and conductors. Safety of the students is our utmost priority. Keeping this in mind a helper is provided in each bus for assisting children get aboard and down the bus safely.

Transportation facility is provided to students on all existing routes of Kullu District. Availing of the transport facility is optional. The transportation fares depend upon the distance upto which a student travels from the school.

The routes for the buses are:

Vehicle No.Owner's NameMakerSeating CapacityDriver Name & Mob.NORoute
1. HP-34-B-1880 Principal Kullu Valley School Mazda Bus Ltd. 24+1=25 Mr.Madan Awasthi
Gharakar to School
School to kais
2. HP-66-A-1380 Principal Kullu Valley School Mazda Bus Ltd. 41+1=42 Mr.Dalip Thakur
Chansari to School
3. HP-66-A-1381 Principal Kullu Valley School Ashok LAyland Ltd. 49+1=50 Mr.Rishi
School to 17 Mile
4. HP-66-2482 Principal Kullu Valley School Tata Motors Ltd. 49+1=50 Mr.Krishan Kumar
School to Naggar
5. HP-34-7225 Principal Kullu Valley School Tata Motors Ltd. 53+1=54 Mr.Pyare Lal
School to Bhuntar
6. HP-66-A-1122 Principal Kullu Valley School Ashok Leyland Ltd. 49+1=50 Mr.Bhag Chand
School to Ghandi Nagar
7. HP-66-5845 Principal Kullu Valley School Force Motors Ltd. 17+1=18 Mr.Pankaj Raj
School to Bhuntar
8. HP-66-3013 Principal Kullu Valley School HMT Ltd. 1 Mr.Kunal Kumar
All Motorable Roads
9. HP-66-3244 Principal Kullu Valley School Maruti Suzuki Ltd. 7+1=8 Mr.Tek Chand
10. HP-33-E-T-9517 Principal Kullu Valley School Tata Motors Ltd. 8+1=9 Mr.Gokul Chand
School to Jagot
Vehicle No.Owner's NameMakerSeating CapacityDriver Name & Mob.NORoute
1. HP-01-K-6161 Mr.Rameshwar Mahant
Ramshilla Kullu(H.P.)
Toyota Kirloskar
Motor Ltd.
7+1=8 Mr.Suresh Kumar
All India Permit
2. HP-01-K-1795 Mr.Lal Chand Vill.Kamring,
Mazda Bus altd. 41+1=42 Mr.Suresh Kumar
All India Permit

Those availing the transportation facility must take note that:

Transportation fee is to be paid for ten months of the session, during which the school remains open. No fees is charged during the holidays.

Students must join the bus at the beginning of the session. Joining in the mid session is not allowed, except for students seeking a new admission.

A student can leave the bus service at any time giving 15 days written notice at the end of a month.



Coaching Facility with Catalyst Coaching Institute


The education scenario today has become more demanding and challenging for the students as well as educational institutions. It has now become essential that a child besides the formal education which he gets in the school must have in depth knowledge and ability to comprehend and solve the difficult questions of various competitive tests. Entrance tests having become a necessity and an essential feature for admission in a good college. They demand the student to be better updated and competition savvy. A student today has to score well and compete with numerous others who have equally worked hard for the competitive exams. Keeping all this in view Kullu Valley School tied up with Catalyst Coaching Institute in 2015. Under this collaboration students would be prepared for JEE, NEET and various other entrance tests. The staff at Catalyst is well experienced and dedicated. They stay regularly updated of the various developments and changes in the competitive tests, and are experts in their respective subjects. Students are provided good study material and regular assignments are given. Regular tests are conducted at Catalyst and the report of the tests is sent to the parents. The coaching provided to students is purely student and result oriented.

 It is a series of specially designed tests based on the latest pattern of competitive examinations. These test papers provide a sound examination temperament which not only increases the student's scoring ability, but also helps the student to overcome his/her weaknesses. Sequentially the students can check how well they are prepared for the various tests like JEE, AIPMT, AIIMS etc.

Sports facilities

We believe that sports and games in school encompass more than just the benefit of physical activity. They increase self-esteem and mental alertness, which makes school sports and games necessary for every school going child. Keeping this in mind Kullu Valley School has incorporated sports and games as an integral part of the curriculum. Sports and games facilities at Kullu Valley School include:
• A basket ball court
• A badminton court
• A table tennis room
• Aerobics and P.T. Sessions on every Saturday etc.
• Indoor games like chess, carom etc.
Students enjoy playing the field games and indoor games .The games activities include regular physical fitness exercises as well as matches. The annual sports day provides an opportunity for the showcasing of athletic prowess and talent. Students participate in various solo and group events. All in all Kullu Valley School takes care of both mental and physical development of the students.

Cocurricular Activities

Co-curricular activities form the core of students' life in Kullu Valley School. The aim of co-curricular activities is to help the students develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, and team-spirit. They also provide a backdrop for the development of their creative talents. The school conducts various intra-class and inter-class, house and club competitions from time to time. All the students have been divided into four houses viz. Shivaji, Maurya, Pratap and Ashoka. Each house has a house Moderator and an Assistant- Moderator to guide the students for various competitions. Besides this there are ten wide ranging clubs that take care of activities from various fields of students interests. The Morning Assembly and the Display Boards is also an essential feature of co-curricular activities that help the students to prove their talents. All this provides ample opportunity to unfold the child’s inherent talents.

Canteen Facility

The latest facility that has been provided to the students and teachers of Kullu Valley School is that of the school canteen. It is the favourite get together spot for the students. The school canteen serves snacks and meals at pocket friendly rates. The menu varies widely from bread pakora, chowmein, pav-bhaji, manchuraian to rice with rajmah chawal and kadhi. Teachers and students of classes VI to XII are allowed to make use of this facility. The school administration strictly supervises the hygiene and cleanliness of the canteen. Processed foods, other junk edible stuff and items that are heavy in transfats are discouraged. Carbonated, tinned and flavoured drinks are sold here. Chips, chocolates and ice-cream are the attractions of the canteen.

Suvidya Scholarship Program

The school rewards the hardwork of students through the Suvidya Scholarship initiated in the Silver Jubilee Year-2015 for the bright and meritorious students of Classes X and XI. All the students who score above 90% are entitled to this Scholarship. This scholarship is in the form of 50% discount in the coaching fees to be paid at Catalyst Coaching Institute for the preparation of entrance tests. The remaining 50% is paid by the school. Students entitled to Suvidya Scholarship
• Suvrat Sharma
• Sanya Thakur
• Isha Bhardwaj
• V.K. Vardhan
• Akanksha Attri
• Hitakshi
• Akshita Simran
• Nishant Thakur
• Kusum
• Suryansh Gautam
• Nishant Thakur
• Vineet Chawla
• Akshita Simran
• Hitakshi
• Simran Sharma
• Ashmita Bodh
• Udit Sood
• Anmol Hazri
• Anamika Mirupa
• Kashish Sharma

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